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Easy BlocksMany of you might remember Maggie Timmons. She was our office manager for a few years awhile back. She left us to return to the family business – a great tourist attraction and hobby shop in Marblehead. Check out Train-O-Rama when you’re in the area. Or make a special trip. It’s worth the visit. (They have  Ohio’s largest operating multi-gauge model railroad display that’s open to the public.)
Maggie still helps us out occasionally and she’s frequently sending me tips she comes across in her tech reading. Here’s two helpful tips for Win 8.

Add a Start Button
I recently purchased a new laptop. New equipment always brings joy and frustration. In this case, that came in the way of Windows 8. I knew in advance that there would be a huge learning curve to Win 8, but don’t mind a challenge in working with technology. One of the first challenges was to NOT have the start menu as in Win 7 & XP. It was driving me crazy. Then I read about a program that runs on Win 8 and provides a kind of start button complete with customizable menu. It works great! You can download it for free here or here.

Teach Explorer 10 to Work Like Explorer 9
The next challenge that required outside help involved Internet Explorer 10 that comes pre-loaded with Windows 8. As I was trying to accomplish a task on a website, I found that the site wouldn’t display the information that I needed to edit. I did an online chat with the site administrator and he directed me to “teach” Explorer 10 to work like Explorer 9. It worked like a charm!

Here’s how: In Explorer 10, press the F12 key and change the “browser mode” to Explorer 9. So easy! But not if you don’t know about it. You’re welcome!

By guest blogger Maggie Timmons

One Response to 2 Windows 8 Tips to Make Your Life Easier

  • Wenona Jones says:

    Thanks for the tips! I have been frustrated ever since getting my new laptop (with Win 8). I am learning to navigate thru it but it’s a good thing that I use it mostly for surfing the net ..I had to buy a second laptop (with WIN 7) to work from home with because Win 8 would not talk to my company’s system.

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