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Warm Apple CrispOur brainstorming meeting to find a new name for our eNewsletter was great fun Wednesday night. We’ll unveil our new name when we publish our next issue in a few weeks, but I thought I’d share some of our rejected ideas:

  • DDP Hotspot (we thought our signature blue colors didn’t fit the name)
  • DDP Libra (ok, not many of us got that one)
  • Pulp Friction (uh, no – some of us loved it but – no)
  • Don’t Read This! (reverse psychology says you’d have to open it)
  • The Data Dump (again, uh, no)
  • News You Can Use (we all liked it but it’s overused)
  • Eco Pages (“No trees were harmed in the creation of this product….save the planet, recycle the ideas in this newsletter”)
  • The DDP Staple (not bad, but it didn’t make the cut)
  • Chips & DiP (if you have to explain it, it doesn’t work)
  • The Publishing Algorithm (actually, several of us really liked this but we figured it was too intellectual, aka boring)
  • Warm Apple Cranberry Crisp (wait a minute, that was the dessert menu…well, by then we were throwing out weird ideas…I personally liked “The Crème Brûlée” – yeah, we could make that work!)

Heard around the table:

“How do you teach a duck to do that?”

“See, they always go straight to the booze.”

“I’m totally de-ticked.”

“People are delicate flowers.”

“The gooner has gotten out!”

“Now that’s how you do a tagline!”

You had to be there to make sense of it. Many thanks to all who participated.

And to file under “Did you know”…

…that Kristi Yamaguchi is not only a world-class Olympic skater and a Dancing with the Stars champion, she’s also a competitive eating champion!

BTW, despite all our brainstorming, we’re not confident that we’ve struck upon the name. If you have any ideas, please email me at

If you’re a Mac user, you are probably quite familiar with the Stickies widget. PC users – I’m betting you’ve not heard of the PC program by the same name. Let me introduce you. Stickies are essentially digital Post-it® Notes and I’m starting to think that no properly dressed PC should be without them.

Stickies automates the manual Post-it management method. “Management method?” you say. Yes, some people manage by Post-its. (You know who you are.) It’s not really a method I subscribe to, but I do agree that Post-its come in handy at times. Getting that morning phone call about something that needs to happen at 2pm can be a perfect Post-it application. The problem is, Post-it Notes don’t stick to my monitor very well. And when they do stick, they’re always obstructing something I want to see. Putting them anywhere else, however, risks me not seeing them at the appropriate time. I’ve found that computer alarms aren’t effective and my smart phone may not be near me when the alarm is scheduled to go off.

Enter Stickies  – a free software package developed by Tom Revel of Zhorn Software. Stickies has a ton of features, outshining the physical Post-its by a mile. Once downloaded and installed, it puts a small yellow icon in your system tray (the bottom right area of your screen, just to the left of the clock). When you click on the icon, a yellow Stickie appears on your screen. You can type any kind of note into the Stickie, create checkbox lists or bulleted lists, label the Stickie, change the color of the Stickie, or add images. After creating the Stickie, you can move them anywhere on your screen, have them appear on top of any program you have open or simply sit on your desktop under your open programs. You can put your Stickies to sleep for a period of time (it’s like hitting the snooze button on your alarm – it gets them out of your way while they’re sleeping, but they pop up on top of your open documents when they wake up) or schedule them to pop up at recurring intervals.

Stickie Samples

The image at the right shows some examples of Stickies. The top one has a graphic in it. The Stickie automatically expands to the size required to hold the image. Below the graphic are two Stickies titled “Tuesday 6-Things.” That’s my “6-Things” to do list for the day. They are copies of the same Stickie, because I wanted to show you the capability of rolling up a Stickie (i.e., the top one) or unrolling it (i.e., the bottom one). Notice in the bottom Stickie that you can create checkboxes and check items off as completed. The Stickie at the right has a link to the Stickies website where you can download the program (or click here).

Don’t like the look of these generic Stickies? You can create your own Stickie skins or download skins that other people have created. Here are some of the skins available:

Stickie Skins


Like I said, a ton of versatility is built into this free download. Most capabilities are available from right-click context sensitive menus. There’s even a Stickie management window that allows you to see all your Stickies by category. And should you run into any problems, there’s a Stickie forum. Check out this useful program. You may never buy Post-its again! OK, you probably will because Stickies can’t be slapped on the folder you’re taking to your next meeting. There’s room in this world for both Post-its and Stickies.

[Post-it® is a registered trademark of 3M, St. Paul, MN.]

The Melrose Grill, Mapleside FarmsWe’ll Provide the Drinks and Appetizers Needed to Get Your Brain Working

Our eNewsletter needs a name! Any ideas?

We’ve scheduled a  get together to hash out a name – and since you’re part of the family, you’re invited. Drinks, appetizers and friendly brainstorming will commence at 5pm on Wednesday, April 11, at the Melrose Grill at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick.

Let me repeat – Yes, you’re invited! Yes, it’s our treat.

Email Sandy Hooper (shoop@DataDesignsPublishing) to let her know you’re coming. We’ll be there until about 7pm, so don’t be shy about joining us late.

We’d love to have your ideas thrown into the mix. No ideas? That’s OK, join us anyway!

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