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Formatting Cells to Create a Numbered List

Have you ever wanted to create a numbered list in Excel and have the first column show the number with a period after it,but no decimal places? This seems to be something I try to do frequently, but there’s no pre-defined format for a number with a period but no decimals after it. (Yes, I use Excel for lots of things it probably wasn’t intended to be used for.)

Fortunately, creating the new format is easy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Select the column (or just the cells you want to apply the format to)
  • Right click and select “Format Cells…”
  • Click on the “Number” tab if it’s not selected
  • Select “Custom” from the list at the left
  • In the box below the word “Type:” enter a zero and a period like this: 0.
  • Hit Enter

All the cells you have selected now have the new format applied. If you enter a “1”, it will display “1.”

You may now begin creating your list. Enjoy!

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