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The Melrose Grill, Mapleside FarmsWe’ll Provide the Drinks and Appetizers Needed to Get Your Brain Working

Our eNewsletter needs a name! Any ideas?

We’ve scheduled a  get together to hash out a name – and since you’re part of the family, you’re invited. Drinks, appetizers and friendly brainstorming will commence at 5pm on Wednesday, April 11, at the Melrose Grill at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick.

Let me repeat – Yes, you’re invited! Yes, it’s our treat.

Email Sandy Hooper (shoop@DataDesignsPublishing) to let her know you’re coming. We’ll be there until about 7pm, so don’t be shy about joining us late.

We’d love to have your ideas thrown into the mix. No ideas? That’s OK, join us anyway!

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