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Have you ever wanted to calculate while working in an InDesign file? Instead of getting out paper and pen to do the math manually, you can let InDesign do it for you, using any numeric field in the appropriate palettes and dialog boxes. Try it out, using the symbols below:

+ to add
– to subtract
* to multiply
/ to divide

This is really handy when mixing measurement systems. For example:

  • To decrease the size of an image by half, enter 100%/2 in the scale field of the measurement palette.
  • To triple the size of a frame that is 31p3, enter 31p3*3 in the width field of the measurement palette.
  • To subtract 1-1/2 picas from a 4.75″ margin, enter 4.75″-1p6.

It’s great for easy measurement adjustments, but it won’t calculate columns of numbers like a spreadsheet program. Use Excel for that!

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