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Versions: CS3 thru 5.5

A feature I always liked in Microsoft Word is the variety of “breaks” that you can insert into your document – special commands that cause a page break or a column break. Those breaks and many more are now available in InDesign.

With your text cursor at the point in your document where you want to make the break, bring up the breaks menu by selecting:

Type > Insert Break Character

You’ll find seven different types of breaks.

What could be easier?

Well, knowing the keyboard commands are easier once you’ve learned them. Knowing them will also make you more productive:

Paragraph Break: Enter

Forced Line Break: Shift+Enter

You should use a forced line break instead of a paragraph break when you want to force the text to go to the next line but you are not at the end of a paragraph. Why? Forcing a line break keeps the same interline spacing as used in the paragraph. Using the paragraph return will add the paragraph spacing before and after identified in the paragraph style.

Column Break: Enter from the number keypad

Frame Break: Shift+Enter from the number keypad

Page Break: Cntrl+Enter from the number keypad

Don’t memorize all of them unless you’re into mental exercises for the sake of the exercise. Otherwise, just memorize those you use most frequently.

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