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Want to see an area of your screen up close? Or perhaps you’re already zoomed in and want to see the whole page. Either way, going up to the view menu to find the zoom percentage you want or grabbing the magnifying glass – well, I’ve never been satisfied with the results of that tool!

Here are some quick keyboard solutions to your zooming needs.

^ means hold down the Ctrl key while hitting the other keys identified.

^1 Zooms to 100%

^2 Zooms to 200%

^4 Zooms to 400%

Easy to remember, right? The zoom action will center the page wherever your cursor is. But how about when that 200% view is just a little too much or too little? Another easy solution

^- Decreases the zoom level. (Think “minus decreases.”)

^= Increases the zoom level. (The plus symbol is above the equals symbol, so think “plus increases”.)

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