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I get so tired of doing the same six steps over and over again! 

Do you need to do a repetitive series of tasks to a large number of images? Why not let Photoshop automate a batch process for you instead?

First you’ll need to create an Action.

  • Open one of the files you need to perform your process on, then open Window > Actions (or use keyboard shortcut Alt+F9).
  • Click on the fly-out menu of the Actions palette and select New Action.
  • Give your series of Photoshop commands a name and press the Record button.
  • Photoshop will now record everything that you do to the image until you press the Stop Recording button.
  • Close the sample image that you have been working with and click on File > Automate > Batch.
  • Select the Action that you have just recorded from the drop down list (Photoshop comes with a set of pre-defined actions):
    • Choose the location of the folder your images are currently located in, and
    • Set a destination folder for the completed images (it can be the same as the source folder, but we recommend that you protect your source files in case something goes wrong)
    • Photoshop also gives you the opportunity to rename your newly batch processed files with an easy-to-use file naming utility built into the batch processing dialog box.
  • Once you have your Action, source folder, destination folder, and (optional) file renaming parameters set, hit the OK button and let Photoshop do all the repetitive work for you.

Now go have a cup of tea.

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