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INDD "The Basics & Beyond" 6 Week Webinar Course.

Data Designs Publishing’s
Adobe InDesign “The Basics & Beyond” Training

A 6-lesson online course that provides more than ten hours of instruction. It starts with the basics of Adobe InDesign and then moves beyond the basics to enable the student to modify or produce attractive and functional documents.

Email us to register by clicking on the link below.*

*Email Sandy to register for the six-session course ( We will invoice you for the course and provide you with access to the training material and videos.

Click here to view free video training in InDesign.
During this 90 minute video we create a document from start to finish. The video is a replay of a previously recorded webinar and provides a preview of this course.

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About the Course: The course is taught by Sandy Hovatter from Data Designs Publishing in a way that brings logic, efficiency, and a personal touch to the training environment. We teach from Adobe CS5, enabling students with versions CS4 through CS6 to participate without getting lost. If you have CS3, you can still receive value from participating in the course, but not all menus will be the same.

All sessions have been recorded and posted on this site, allowing you to view them whenever it’s convenient for you. Watch them once, or come back and review them as needed.

Cost of Training: $229/person

Email us to register – Click on the link below.*

*Email Sandy to register for the six-session course (
We will invoice you for the course and provide you with access to the training material and videos.


What you’ll get in the training:

  • Eight to nine hours of webinar instruction divided over six sessions, each 75 to 90 minutes long (plus the 90 minute free video)
  • The opportunity to ask questions throughout the course – email us or call us at 419-660-0500 to ask any questions that didn’t get answered during the session
  • Training material – a PDF of a workbook that follows our instruction. This training material documents all the commands and Best Practices we’ll teach in the course
  • Training files to “play with” during the course
  • Access to recordings of all the training videos – replay them as needed to reinforce what you learned
  • Bonus material:
    • A PDF of Data Designs Publishing’s Adobe InDesign TipCard
    • A PDF cheat sheet of InDesign keyboard shortcuts
    • An Adobe Acrobat “job option” file for creating highly functional draft-quality PDFs from your InDesign documents
    • A working relationship with the staff of Data Designs Publishing – we’re here to make your life easier

In addition to the topics listed at the right, you will learn:

  • Best Practices in each of the areas listed at the right – we teach beyond what works to what works best so that your documents are consistent, maintainable, and will print well at any print shop
  • The single most important shortcut that will make your life easier
  • Parent/Child relationships between Master Pages
  • The super power of InDesign’s Search & Replace (the best S&R we’ve ever seen)
  • And much more!

Schedule of the Online Webinars

All webinars have been recorded and posted on the Data Designs Publishing website. They are available for viewing at your convenience.
You will have access to the training videos from any place where you have Internet access. Watch each video as many times as you like to reinforce what you’ve learned.

Topics covered in the 6-week course:

Introduction to InDesign CS5 – Getting started tips that take the fear out of InDesign, introducing the InDesign workspace and teaching you how to customize it to your liking, and helpful shortcuts for moving around your document quickly and easily

Starting a New Document – Everything you need to know to get started right with Master Pages (including how to effectively use multiple Master Pages); making multiple layers work to your benefit

Working with Text – Working with text frames, text frame threads, hidden characters, special characters, tabs, indents, and all things text – and then we’ll throw in paragraph, character and nested styles to make your life easier (and your documents more consistent and less error-prone)

Working with Graphics – We’ll start with the language of graphics, file formats (the good, the bad and the ugly), color models and vector-based vs. bitmapped graphics. We’ll move on to scaling and resizing graphics, working with graphics in frames, the Links Panel and anchoring graphics.

Working with Tables – The pros and cons of tables vs. text, formatting tables, adding tabs to table cells (it’s not as easy as it sounds), and creating repeating headers and footers for those long tables that span more than one page

Adding Pizzazz with Color, Borders, and Fills – Creating color swatches and blends, adding strokes (borders), applying corner options and special effects (drop shadows, bevels, feathering, and transparency)

Working with Objects – Pasting and duplicating objects, working with layered objects, grouping and ungrouping, locking objects, aligning and distributing objects, rotating and flipping objects, creating and using object styles

Sections and Page Numbers – When you really want the third page of your document to be Page 1, don’t create two files and don’t ever number pages manually – use this feature instead

Exporting – There are times when you’ll want to export text, graphics or table data from your InDesign file to use in another program – we’ll teach you how

Printing and Sharing Files – No, you can’t just send them the INDD file and expect good results. We’ll show you how to create various types of PDF files, including discussing many of the PDF Job Option variables, and we’ll cover “preflighting” and “packaging” your files for trouble-free printing

Email us to register – Click on the link below.*

*Email Sandy to register for the six-session course (
We will invoice you for the course and provide you with access to the training material and videos.


Call Sandy or Phil @ 419-660-0500 or email us –